Hello, my name is Despina Mina...


...I'm a North Londoner, born and raised by Greek Cypriot parents and its my family that have given me my first precious food memories. My mum teaching me how to stuff vine leaves, roll the perfect size meat balls whilst being the salt runner between kitchen (mum)  and garden (dad) when they hosted big family gatherings. My Aunts would pile in to the house bringing food contributions, my sister and cousins staking claim to the television until they were called to eat and my Uncles headed straight to the garden to take turns over the barbecue in seasoning and rotating the skewered lamb/chicken/pork. Busy, joyful, noisy, full of love and still happening to this very day.

What’s this blog about? In 2015 I started volunteering a little time to a local organic vegetable delivery scheme called Crop Drop, who source fresh, seasonal veg picked from local farms and as a result I now contribute some recipes to their site.  Creating recipes and photographing the results led to an exciting opportunity to write for Cibare Food Magazine.  With each issue I cook a meal for 6 with a menu compiled from a newly released cook book and get a chance to give an honest critique. Occasionally I cater for small private parties basing the menus around the host and their guests needs.

Having spent my entire working life in many corners of the fashion industry my attention is always drawn to detail and beauty from all creative platforms and I’d like to share that with whoever wants to listen!