Hello, my name is Despina Mina...


...born and raised in a little corner of North London. With Greek Cypriot parents, passion and enthusiasm flows through my veins.

What’s this blog about? It’s an online diary about the things that make me happy! It’s about the places that I visit. What I’m reading and what I’m learning but at the heart of all of that, it’s about food. I’ve been fortunate enough to volunteer a little time to a local organic vegetable box delivery scheme that source fresh, seasonal veg picked from local farms. As a result I got to contribute some recipes to their site. This has only ignited my enthusiasm for discovering flavours and creating some hits (and some misses!) for the dinner table.

Because I’ve always been fascinated by how food effects health, I continuously look for ways to live a healthy and happy lifestyle and this has led me to take a course in Holistic Nutrition. It’s taught me that although it’s important to nourish ourselves, it’s also important not to take it all too seriously.

Having spent my entire working life in many corners of the fashion industry my attention is always drawn to detail and beauty from all creative platforms and I’d like to share that with whoever wants to listen - We’re only on this beautiful planet for a short time, so if you’re not doing it already, find what makes you tick and gobble it up!