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London Viva! Vegan Festival

I went to a Vegan festival yesterday. I'm not a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian but I like to believe I'm a conscious eater, is that a used term or have a just made that up?! Besides the chocolate fondant I inhaled on Friday night which was washed down with a glass of vino (we all have our vices), I'm a relatively healthy eater and I'm always curious to find natural alternatives to corporate branded products. 

The Festival was in the Brent Civic Centre near Wembley, we decided to drive there convinced the dozens of carparks surrounding the mammoth retail outlet next door will make life easy...? Wrong. Tottenham Hotspurs have moved into Wembley Stadium for a season whilst White Hart Lane is being rebuilt and low and behold, it was match day and every carpark was full. After a driving tour of Wembley, we found a pay and display space and raced off to the civic centre with 2 hours of play time on the clock.

The organisers - Viva! a charity established in 1994, campaigns against the suffering of farmed animals and  aim to convince people to reduce their meat, fish, dairy and egg intake.